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Driving offence solicitors, if you face prosecution for any type of motoring offence including speeding tickets, tachometer violations and drink driving right through to death by dangerous driving offences, then we can help. This is the main sales approach for most of these Driving offence solicitors.

  • Is your job at risk if you are disqualified from driving?
  • What would the impact of a driving ban be on you and your family?
  • How would points on your licence affect your insurance premiums?
  • Are you aware that the courts can ban you from driving any vehicle for up to five years depending on the offence you are convicted of?


Motoring offences are a common occurrence and a particular hazard for business people on the move, If you have received a notice of intended prosecution or have been contacted by the police we can advise you on the best course of action to take. Read more


12 Points On Licence

Are You Facing 12 Points on Licence?

Points don’t mean prizes

12 points on licence has become a fact-of-life for many drivers, quite often through fixed-point penalty notices for ‘minor’ speeding offences, and often obtained by being caught by one of the many speed cameras. This is usually 3 points on your licence and a fine. Getting to 12 points means you will lose your licence for a period of time but you can achieve this much faster by conviction for more serious speeding offences or ‘driving without due care and attention’ or ‘dangerous driving’.

But if you have had your licence for less than 2 years you are at a much greater risk of losing your licence. If you get to 6 points, then your licence will be revoked and you’ll have to go back to being a learner and starting all over again. This includes any points you get while you hold a Read more


Seizure of unlicensed and uninsured vehicles

Seizure of vehicles

Seizure of cars in recent times, the Police have acquired some very remarkable and even draconian powers.  Let’s face it, people driving vehicles without a driving licence or insurance are a public danger and, in 2005, Parliament decided to take tougher action to combat this menace.  Motorists may not have even heard of the Road Traffic Act 1988 sections 165A and 165B.

These sections were inserted into the Road Traffic Act 1988 by the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 s.152.  They empower a Police Officer in Uniform to Read more