Exchange Your Paper Driving Licence For A Photocard Licence

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Paper Driving Licence

The law and the rules of the UK highways and the areas where the public fall short on and the laws people don’t even know that they are breaking and putting their licences and jobs on the line for.
As of 2015, the paper element of the UK driving licence is no longer a requisite. All information regarding any points and endorsements can be found online & it’s only necessary to have the credit card licence.

You must have a provisional driving licence for Great Britain or Northern Ireland when you’re learning to drive or ride. If you get stopped without a licence, you will be charged with driving without a licence. Patterson Law defend driving without a licence offences as you could face a driving ban and even prison as a result.
With Safety as a number one priority on the roads endorsements are a necessary to keep drivers under control and punishing drivers that break those laws.
If you go over 100 mph or drive dangerously you will receive a driving ban where as if you break the speed limit you are likely to just receive a fine and 3 points on your licence.

A driving ban will be handed to you if you take drugs or are over the drink drive limit and are court on the UK roads.

British roads are limited for most vehicles by the National Speed Limit, road signs in the UK use imperial units, so speed limits are posted in miles per hour. The speed limit is there to show the maximum speed that may be driven on the road but it does not mean that you have to do that speed on that road in any conditions as this may risk yours and others safety.
There are a wide range of roads in the UK and as a result there are many different speed limits and this also applies to the type of vehicle, this can range from 30 mph up to 70 mph and small things can change the speed that you are able to travel at for instance having a trailer on your vehicle.
Sections of road subject to the national or in-town speed limit only require limit marker signs at the start of a section, without repeaters, provided street lights are or are not present as appropriate. In the UK the speed limit is always in increments of ten and most roads it is the same in rain or sun the only roads that are different are some of the motorways that have variable speed limits and this can change depended to the traffic and also if there has been a incident.
Driving disqualification is where you are convicted of a server driving offences like drink driving or dangerous driving and you could loss you licence at once and you would be banned for a period of time.

If you keep getting points on your licence and they add up too 12 or more in three years you will receive a ban for a totting up points on your licence.

New licence holder have a two year probation period where they are only able to get 6 points on their licence, after that you are able to get a maximum of 12 points.

To get back on the road after you have received a driving ban here are some pointers to help get your licence back.

Depending on the offence the court will decide on your sentencing and also any driving disqualifications that they wish to hand out and fines.

If you receive a driving ban from the court you could be disqualified from driving for 6 months but after that time when you have your licence back if you are banned again within a year you will be banned again this time for a longer period of time.

All this is to keep the roads and highways a safer place for all the drivers on the road and also to punish those that break the law.

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